100​.​000 Fairphones

by Orphax

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Aside from making music and running a label during my day job I work at Fairphone. Fairphone is company that makes a phone to address and change the problems in the supply chain of consumer electronics, such as worker conditions, the use of blood minerals and the life time/cycle of products. www.fairphone.com

Because we were getting close to 100.000 likes on Facebook a colleague and I were joking around on how it would sound if you would have a big stadium with 100.000 people having their Fairphone ring at once. But what started as a joke got me playing around with our standard ringtone.

The result is this piece, which actually sounds more as if you are standing outside the stadium and just hear the huge amount of phones ringing and the sounds reverberating through the huge space.


released January 25, 2016




Orphax Amsterdam

Orphax is the experimental ambient and drone project by Sietse van Erve.

You can get in contact with Sietse through orphax@orphax.com

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