As the stone falls it won't come up again (free download)

by Orphax



"As the stone falls it won't come up again" was my last effort in making lush ambient techno and IDM like structures. After this release I turned completely into drone and soundscape music.
Though, because of the nature of this piece at that time it gained quite some attention. With over 2000 downloads from the website I had at that time and another 900 (and a bit) from it can be said to be really popular considering it never got any affiliation with a record label.

Due to this popularity at that time I thought it was time to re-upload it here in higher quality. You can now get it in various formats including mp3 and FLAC

The file is completely free for download, though I would really appreciate a donation if you really enjoy the release.
You can decide for yourself what your price will be, if you do not want to pay just mark the box with 0.

In the extra files you can find the original artwork to download, so do not forget those. With this you can burn it to a CD-R and make it a nice looking package in your collection.


released December 31, 2003

All music written by Sietse van Erve in April and May 2003.




Orphax Amsterdam

Orphax is the experimental ambient and drone project by Sietse van Erve.

You can get in contact with Sietse through

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