Live at OCCII, October 23th, 2011 (free download)

by Orphax



On October 23th, 2011 I performed live at the OCCII in Amsterdam, NL as opening act for Charalambides, Steve Gunn and others.

My intention was to do a set with throat singing, though due to a horrible pain in my throat for 2 weeks I couldn't practice. So instead I grabbed back to an older performance I did before.
What you hear here is 26 different frequency layers of my sounds which all get their moment throughout the piece.
In the source recording there are small variations, which change the sound continually, while the way the different layers are played bring a huge variation in the sound palette.
Because the way the sounds are reworked and played only in small fractions of the piece you can actually hear what the source is: my voice.

It is recommended to get the FLAC or WAV file.


released June 17, 2012

Live recording by Luc.
Editing and mastering by Orphax




Orphax Amsterdam

Orphax is the experimental ambient and drone project by Sietse van Erve.

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